Thursday, January 12, 2012

Photos of the End of the Estuary in San Blas

Pat and Saba and I went to the end of the road by the beach to the estuary. It goes into the ocean at that point. We saw oyster fishermen but no one else. It was beautiful and a perfect place to swim but we were on a mission. Sightseeing.
Pat and her dog Saba
At one time this was a little store. Now it is abandoned
Oyster fisherman
Oyster fishermen
Pat and Saba at the entrance to the ocean


  1. Dear Mrs. Walker,
    We liked your pictures of the beach at San Blas. Thank you for putting our cards on your blog. We want to visit Mexico one day!

    Sra. H's class (1st group)

  2. Thank you Sra. H's class for writing. Yes, visit Mexico sometime soon. It would be fun. Patricia