Monday, January 2, 2012

Morning in San Blas and my Simple Room

Inexpensive hotel here
My Room


  1. Will you also post for the other side of the room? Is there any cooking or refrigeration facility, even a tiny one? Also, in dollars, about how much for the month, please?

    ps: doesn't look like there's a good reading light ... will you buy one yourself?

    pps: was it noisy on the plaza last night?


  2. It even has a pool! Wow. Is the pool clean & the water swimmable? Please post a photo!

    And, many in the photos are wearing long sleeves & pants. Is that because of the jejenes, do you think or - ? How warm is it there during the day, in degrees?


  3. The Bucanero has a pool but I am not staying there. It is a very run down place and the pool is too cold to swim in, at least for me.... It is warm here. I don't know the exact temp. You can find it on the internet. But very warm. It is a little cool in the mornings and evenings and yes the long shirts and pants help keep the jejenes off.... Thanks for writing. p