Saturday, January 14, 2012

An Early Morning Walk to the Saturday Market

carnival ride is in the background. I think it will open this evening.
Impatient boys for the bumper cars
House in progress
The market was very busy this morning
Corner by my room.


  1. You have really been showing us a lot of photos of San Blas! Thanks so much...have always wanted to see more of this place and you are providing it. San Blas looks to me from all your pictures to be quite a large bike riding town. Is this your impression also being there again?

  2. We stopped in San Blas during the relocation drive down to Melaque three years ago. I was not very impressed with the place. It still looks very much the same. Is the Army machine gun nest still situated at the entry into town?

  3. HI Michael, Thanks for writing. Yes, you are right. And a few years ago when I was here it was even more of a bike town. Now more people own cars. But it is fun to see sometimes four people on one bike. P

  4. HI Steve, Thanks for writing again. I haven't seen that machine gun nest. It may be there. But I sure haven't seen it. This is a very simple town. You have to come here with very few expectations. P