Saturday, March 27, 2010

Willie Nelson

I received an e mail today from a woman who witnessed the appearance of Willie Nelson at Manix Restaurant. Everyone in the the restaurant believed he was the real thing but he signed his autograph with the letters LAL...... Do you know what that means? Look Alike..... He was a Willie Nelson Look Alike...... He did add some excitement to the town for a few days. The woman sending me the e mail said when she thought he was Willie Nelson she invited him to her house for dinner. When she realized he was a LAL she joked that she would serve him a rubber chicken. A LAL chicken..... She asked, Do you think he will be able to tell the difference from it and the real thing?


  1. While in Missouri, there was a guy I ran across who was called Almost Willie. He would stand in for Willie occasionally. Hard to tell them apart.

  2. Hi Nancy, Thanks for writing. Maybe it is the same guy. Or maybe there are hundreds of Willie Nelson LALs roaming around the world.......What a job. Patricia.