Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday in Ajijic

Where is my master?

I saw this dog at the plaza. I wonder if that little jacket is hot. It is getting hot here now.

My friend Loretta at the LCS computer. I didn't know they had a computer online available to people. She found it.

I thought the girl hugging the dog was cute. She is in front of the Adobe Bed and Breakfast.

I walked through the plaza today. It was quiet. I think I know the Rottweilers that attacked my friend's dog. I gave my friend the information. It is very important in Mexico to not make false accusations. You can get into a lot of trouble by doing that. I found out that the woman who walked those Rottweilers without a leash often does that. It makes me extremely angry that she is so irresponsible about her dogs. I hope my friend can at least get her to pay the vet bill. Her poor dog is going to be crippled the rest of her life because of that attack. The leg can't be fixed.

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