Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Trip to Guadalajara for My IMSS

I spent an entire day in Guadalajara waiting to get my IMSS. It was my second trip since I wasn't given all my important papers to take the first trip. Fortunately, I had a good book to read while I waited and I didn't have to stand all day. They gave us numbers so we could sit down. After I finally got the IMSS I was told that I have one more step to do. Another day of waiting in line in Chapala to register at the office there. It feels like a never ending process. I took the photos in the car on the way back to Ajijic. It takes more time to get out of town than it takes to get to Ajijic once you are out of town. Waiting in traffic isn't my idea of a good time either. The two lower photos were taken as we were getting closer to Ajijic. That little lake is in the town just outside of Ajijic.


  1. You are obviously dealing with the wrong facilitator............doing ous IMSS ourselves takes maybe an hour in Guad.........including going to the bank.........taking your paperwork to the Chapala clinic.........5 minutes tops!!

    You are sending out the wrong impression about IMSS renewals..............and by the way, have you started to learn espanol?? Really helps!!

  2. Thank you for writing and the advice. Since I have already paid for my IMSS application, I am stuck this year but next year I will certainly do it myself. I am working on my Spanish but I have a very bad memory. That doesn't help. Thanks for telling me about the ease of getting the paperwork to Chapala. I will try to do that by myself. Patricia