Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Continuing Saga of the Dlog that was Attacked by the Rottweilers

I don't like to be negative but I have been extremely upset about the Rottweilers that attacked this little dog. I took her photo this morning and the owner said it was the first day she has been able to get out and walk around. Those are just two of the many bites all over her body. The owner found out that her dog isn't the only one that has been attacked by these dogs. There have been others. Now I don't want anyone e mailing me saying, When in Rome..... This isn't acceptable behavior to allow your dangerous dogs to run around without leashes. The owners, by the way, aren't Mexicans. They are from North of the Border. It is shameful and also extremely cruel.


  1. Those bites are huge! It's a miracle the dog survived and that his owner wasn't injured as well. Can't believe the other dogs owner is so irresponsible. People must know her, since this has happened before. Some peer pressure should be applied, cuz eventually an animal or someone is going to be seriously injured. This woman is a guest in Mexico and Mexico does not make it easy to bring pets in - she needs to be held accountable somehow. Disgusting behavior. Thanks for letting me blow off steam. Sylvie

  2. Hi Sylvie, Thanks for letting me blow off steam too. I have been very upset over this situation. I hope there will be at least some action taken to keep this from happening again. And you only saw a few of those bites. They are all over that poor dog's body. It is a miracle she survived and that her owner wasn't hurt in the process of sticking her hand in the Rottweiler's mouth. Patricia

  3. That is horrible. Those Rotts should be put down! They are a danger to society. Before long they may go after a child, then owner will then be locked up!

  4. Hi Brenda, Yes, my concern is also over what more harm they will do while they are running around town. I don't know if anything will be done about them until it is too late. I hope I am wrong and the problem gets solved soon. Patricia

  5. Hi Patricia, Maybe you should post this on the web board along with the pictures, I bet alot of people know the owner, she should be made to pay the vet bill, and she should always have those dogs on a leash, before they hurt a child.

  6. HI Cheryl, Thank you. I may do that. Right now, I think I know the owners of the Rottweilers. Hopefully, it will be resolved soon. Patricia

  7. `the biting dogs do this on a regular basis, scroll down to the bottom of this link to see cheri's renters complaint about her dogs attcking their dog, her response is typical and extremely irresponsible:
    Salt Spring Island vacation cottage

  8. Here is what I found about cheri and how she handles the situation when her dogs bite:
    you would think someone so highly trained in behavior modification would know better? It contains her email if you want to get in touch with her and urge her to get a dog trainer immediately to help her modify her behavior with her dogs and get control over them and put them on a leash.

  9. Thank you for those two e mails. I am sorry this had to happen and cause so much heartache. I don't know the woman. I just hope she can get her dogs under control so no more attacks happen. Patricia

  10. Luna's owner, Sara,can no longer carry Luna up and down the steps to her second floor apt. and would like to trade someone for a first floor apt. for a couple of months until her back pain eases, and the ligaments in Lunas leg heal enough to go up and down stairs. So if you, or someone you know would be interested in a trade, please let her know (766 2297) or email. Sara's apt is one block from the lake on a dead end street and has a very nice large balcony with partial lake view.

  11. LUNA attacked poodle UPDATE MAR 28
    It is unlikely Luna will ever regain her former health, she loved to run, how sad her legs have been needlessly damaged. She is still in pain APRIL 4, cried on her first steps today, she isn't a complainer so it must hurt, does anyone know what I can give her for pain, the Vet gave me something that she threw-up, I thought she might be having a convulsion because her eye was red after the BEATING she took. Luna, still a puppy that wants to play, needs to be carried up and down stairs, on and off of my bed and couches, and on a short leash still, who knows how long it will take to heal, or if she takes a turn for the worse, if anyone knows a good place to move to on the first floor, while she heals, her leg and my back would appreciate it. Thank you so much for placing this on the internet, I have been too preoccupied taking care of Luna to do it myself in a timely fashion, trying to keep her entertained and distracted from the pain while she heals.Luna is very clean and well trained dog, sleeps in my bed.

    (if you scroll down to the end you will find a complaint about a property cheri rents out on Salt spring Island, BC about her dogs biting and human intervention being required to release the dog:
    If I remember correctly when I inquired of Veterinarian, Dr. Hector Madrone, good dog trainers that do not use abuse are Arthur Hess and Heustus (spelling may be wrong) I called cheri and left a message on their phone which they were not answering for MY calls with this trainer information, if they are unwilling to follow up on this or have not made proper adjustments, I will be willing to take legal action, so that this horrific event does not take place again. I wonder why they have these dogs? Do they have enemies?

    Opinions differ, I side with this man, cheri thinks she has some great family dogs.
    University of B.C. psychology professor Dr. Stanley Coren, a dog-behaviour
    expert, told the inquest a Rottweiler is a poor choice for a family pet because
    of its large size, edgy disposition, propensity to bite and powerful
    2,000-pounds-per-square-inch bite.
    "Rottweilers make up 1.5 per cent of all registered breeds in the U.S. but
    account for 16 per cent of all fatal bites," he said. "Most experts say it's not
    the dog for families."
    He also said, "You just don't leave a child alone with that dog no matter how
    good you think that dog is."
    He said dogs that are poorly socialized will pick on the smaller members of
    their packs, in which they include human family members.
    "If you have a 90-pound dog and you have a three-year-old child, the dog says, I
    must be higher and stronger and I can pick on you."
    © The Vancouver Province 2007

    posted by SARA

  12. I am so sorry to hear about all the physical problems your cute little dog is having. I hope you find another place to stay for awhile,downstairs. I will keep my eyes out for you. Patricia

  13. I am looking for a two bedroom two bath house or apartment to move to ON THE FIRST FLOOR. Luna's legs will never completely heal if she is running up and down stairs. If anyone hears of a good quiet apartment in Ajijic or Villa Nova please email or call me. Sara 766-2297 or

  14. HI Sara, Good luck. I hope someone will contact you about this. Your friend, Patricia