Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Lake Chapala Society

The above two photos were taken on my walk home from the Lake Chapala Society. More trees are in bloom everyday. I love this time of the year but it can be a problem for people suffering from hay fever.

Above is my friend John. He only has a few more weeks here and then he has to return to his home in the States. I will miss him.

I took the above photo of the beautiful child while her mother was checking out the bulletin board at the LCS. I saw many notices up about people wanting to share rides back to the States or Canada, or caravan back together. It is time for the great exodus....I am lucky to be able to stay awhile longer this year.

I have been going to the LCS in the late afternoons after the buildings have closed. I enjoy sitting in the gardens with a good book. I will be house sitting in a couple of weeks and it will be closer to LCS than my casita. I know I will be spending more time there than I am now. I won't have an internet connection at my casita so I won't be able to post as often as I do now.

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