Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Early Morning in Ajijic

A roof dog. There are many roof dogs here.

Bougambilla Plaza. I have taken photos of these murals on a different post but I know people usually don't scroll back very far on my blog. So, here they are again.

The view in front of the Bougambilla Plaza.
I wonder what the roof dog would think of these dogs and their lives?

Tomorrow morning this street will be packed with buyers and sellers.

Early Morning at the lake. I had to go into Chapala this morning to get my DIF and Senior card. I thought I had all my paperwork but when I got there I needed more, of course! I had to rush back to my house, wake my landlord and get a copy of his electricity bill. No matter that I already had a copy of my lease with my paperwork and the electricity bill wasn't in my name. Then when I got back there I needed to have my blood type! Here I am sixty five years old and I don't know my blood type. I thought it was all over for me and I would have to wait another two more weeks to go to get these cards but I remembered using a lab in Chapala two years ago and it wasn't far from the office. I rushed there, got my finger pricked, paid my 70 pesos and rushed back to the office. (A positive, in case you are interested. I am sure you aren't and I have no idea of why they are interested just for a Senior discount card.)

Then I had to have the name and phone number of someone here in case of an emergency. I was about to scream at that point. Fortunately, Enrique, the man who is helping me get my papers together, put his name and phone number on the form. So, finally after two and a half months of waiting, I have a DIF card and an Senior card. What good are these? Well, I can travel on those beautiful first classes buses all around Mexico for half price. I don't know what else because all the information is in Spanish. I will have to find someone to translate it for me.


  1. Congrats on surviving the course! Running around in circles, jumping thru hoops, running back & forth. That's just the way it is and if you were to ask why, I doubt anyone would have the answer. I'm not criticizing just observing. I grew up near the Cal-Mexican border, near Mexicali, and being fluent in spanish,traveled back and forth all the time. One has to learn, or in my case, relearn patience and acceptance.Traits I think you definitely have! All the best.Sylvie

  2. Hi Sylvie, Thank you for your comment and compliment. Sometimes I am patient. Sometimes I am not. Having a good book to read while waiting in lines helps a lot. It is an escape. Patricia