Friday, March 12, 2010

Puppies and Flowers

Above is Diane Druce. She makes dog treats and helps to find homes for puppies. The two above are already taken but there are others needing homes. Diane's phone number is 766 1395 or try She says her dog cookies are fit for human consumption. Maybe I should try one for my new diet.

Someone got a delivery of flowers at the Lake Chapala Society this morning. I went there with Chico. When I downloaded my photos I realized that I had only taken four photos all day long. I must be tired still from all the swimming I did when I was house sitting. It was nice to go to the LCS again with Chico. I bought some DVDs from the video library and checked out two books from the book library.

There were a lot of people at the LCS today. We are still in the high season but it won't last much longer. I saw a friend there whose little dog was attacked by two Rottweilers. One of them snatched her dog from her arms. They almost killed her dog. The dog had huge holes all over her body and she could hardly walk. My friend said that the owner of the Rottweilers didn't have them on leashes and she had no control over them. She just stood there while they were mauling her dog.

One Rotweiler had his mouth clamped onto her dog and she stuck her hand in the Rottweiler's mouth and he finally let loose. Brave woman. I don't know if I would have done that. I hope her little dog recovers. She perked up when she saw Chico because they are friends. They always played together. The woman who owned the dogs said she would pay the vet bill but then she disappeared and my friend doesn't know how to find her. A very sad situation all around.


  1. What kind of books do you like to read? Do you have a nice library?


  2. Hi Patricia, Those puppies are so cute!!!! Sorry to hear about the dog attack, what was that woman thinking? She was lucky that dog didn't bite her hand off, they have very powerfull jaws. Only 7 more weeks to go, see you soon.

  3. Hi Kim. I have mostly been reading memoirs lately. I also like novels and travel books. I like all well written books. Thanks for asking. The LCS library has 26000 books. I have a lot of choices. It is one of the main reasons I live here. I can read three or four books a week and it is hard to find good books in English in Mexico. Patricia

  4. Hi Cheryl, I bet she wasn't thinking. She loves her dog very much and she was probably just reacting. She saved her dog's life by doing that. She said what she did was to stick her finger under the dog's tongue so he let go. I couldn't have done that. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys down here. Patricia