Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Wednesday Market in Ajijic

The flower vendors were taking a break. I was happy that they allowed me to photograph them. Looks like a Valentine's Day greeting card to me, except for the red number on the wall behind them.

Above is Colon, my new friend from Canada. Joan hadn't arrived yet . She is very involved with the Focus on Mexico seminar.

Above is my friend Dawn. John showed up and we all went to lunch at the Boston Deli. Gigi was almost sold out but she managed to make three delicious meals for us. Gigi usually runs out of food by one thirty or two in the afternoons.

The two above photos were taken at Anita's stand. Anita is the woman sitting down. She always has a dog or cat on her lap. I think she is a saint. She says up many nights with the animals.

Above is fried shrimp. One stand has started serving fried shrimp and fish tacos. They are delicious.

Fresh pork.

Trevor and Shelley met me at my house and we walked to the market together. It was their first visit to the market and they had a great time.

Above is a Day of the Dead tattoo on the back of Shelly's neck.

The two above photos are of Trevor's tattoos. The car is from an actual photograph of his car.


  1. Patricia, I have been following your blog since you began it. You post good photos. Question: Are you glad you made the move? I ask because I spent a year in Uruguay before coming back to Texas. It wasn't as inexpensive as I thought it would be or as warm in the winter as I expected. I didn't know Spanish and lived alone. Do you expect to stay in the Ajijic area?

    Glenn Smith,
    Retired professor

  2. Hi Glenn, Thank you for writing and for reading my blog all this time. I really appreciate that. I am glad I came here. I was actually just getting ready to write a post on what I call the Pink Cloud..... This is an unusual place because there are so many English speaking people here and a very active community. I doubt if you would be disappointed about this area. Come to visit and see for yourself. I will show you around. Patricia

  3. Hi Patricia. Thanks for your offer to show me around. I am thinking of a visit. I was there for a few days in 1998 with my (now ex) wife. We ended up making an offer on a traditional colonial house in Colima. The offer was accepted but the selling couple called three days later begging us to let them out of the contract. My wife agreed to that and told me later. Turns out she had decided that she didn't want to live in Mexico. I remember Ajijic favorably. I think property values must have doubled since then. I suspect the real estate market may be on hold now. Do you have any impression about that?

  4. Hi Glen, Thanks for writing again. I look at the real estate ads. Since I am not in the market to buy, I don't know if the houses have gone up or down. All I know is that I can't buy here. You can check out the prices online at different sites. Padtricia

  5. HI Glenn, Thanks for writing again. I look at the real estate magazines frequently. I try to see if the prices are going up or down but since I am not in the market to buy, I am not good at it. All I know is that I can't afford to buy anything here. If you look online you can find the ads. Hope you keep in touch. Patricia