Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A New Blog by Cheryl Pearson

My friend Cheryl Pearson has started a new blog. She is a horse person and she is also in the process of moving to Mexico. I think her blog is going to be very interesting to follow. She is full of energy and curiosity. Many times she knows more about what is going on down here than I do because she keeps in touch with so many other local blogs. Her blog address is: Mexicochering.blogspot.com I am looking forward to when she and her husband Billy move here. They took the house sitting job I had posted a couple of months ago. It is a beautiful place and I think they will be happy there. It lasts a few months and by then they will have found their place here. We all have our PLACE. Our job is to find it.


  1. Hi Patricia, Thanks for posting my blog address, that should give me lot's more action on it, looking forward to getting there, The pictures of the quilts were nice I loved the third one, all the colors that I want were in it.

  2. HI Cheryl, So you are starting on several new adventures at once; moving to Mexico, house sitting and blogging. A new life for you. Exciting. Patricia