Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Walk in West Ajijic

West Ajijic is one of my favorite areas. The new homes are mixed in with the old and corn grows next to new construction. It is quiet, yet close enough to downtown Ajijic to walk. Buses come by every fifteen minutes if you feel lazy.


  1. Pat
    I love West Ajijic for the same reasons you do...please post this link & pictures...It is a home in West Ajijic available for lease long or short term...thanks Peter from Chicago.

    Cut & paste this link on your browser to see more pictures

    AJIJIC… Newly built. Move in ready...Comfortable one level home... 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, vaulted ceilings, marble floors & bath, all appliances including stainless steel refrigerator & microwave, gated parking, full size washer & dryer in laundry area, walled yard, nicely kept & landscaped, nice mountain views. Walking distance to village, stores, restaurants, bus stops & more. Rent includes gardener, water and taxes. Tenants pay elect, telephone, TV cable, internet connection. Available for long term $500.00 or short term $550.00 per month

    Call Mirna Segura ...Vonage # 877-613-5985 or Ajijic Fax #376-766-1272 or # 376-766-1716 or 376-766-2415 Call Elia USA# 630-621-3208 or Elia in Ajijic at 376-766-0981 e-mail us at or

  2. HI Peter, As soon as I can figure out how to do this I will but for now I am putting it in the comments section. I am not very computer literate. I will also pass this information on to friends....Thank you. Patricia

  3. Hi Peter, For some reason the Cut feature won't show up. Only the Copy and that does me no good. I am at a loss here. My son is the person who set this up for me and anything beyond the simplest stuff is too complicated for me. But I will pass your information along by word of mouth. I am sorry. One of these days I should take a computer class. Patricia

  4. Thank you for the posting...

  5. Thank you for helping me accomplish it. Patricia