Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rental in West Ajijic

A friend, Peter Dominguez, sent me these photos. It looks like a nice place for rent. The rent is only 500 dollars a month long term and 550 a month short term.  That includes gardener, water and taxes.  This is a two bedroom, one bath, new place.  Contact Mirna Segura Vonage 877 613 5985 or Ella at 376 766 0981 or  


  1. Pat

    Thank you for the posting...this is what helps us here in Chicago pay for our sons college tuition at UIC...He is an undergraduate student & is focused on getting into Dental School...Any help in keeping these units rented helps a very worthy cause...Dr David Dominguez...(That Sounds so Good) His Mother & I are very proud of him...thank you again for the posting.

  2. You are welcome. It looks like a nice place. People are coming into town now. Patricia