Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cast On Tonight

It has been nine days since my surgery and tonight at eight thirty I am going back to the doctor to have a cast put on my ankle. I hope it will all go well and everything is healing normally. Having very little to do these days since I am confined to my bed, I found a site online all about people with broken ankle problems. Talk about depressing reading!!!!  Maybe I shouldn't read any more of those stories. Some people have taken an entire year to recover. Others have had to have several operations. One person became addicted to pain killers. On and on. I will know more after my doctor visit this evening.

One of my blog readers sent me an interesting blog to check out. Steve Cotton is the writer and he writes about living in Villa Obregon, Jalisco, Mexico. His blog is called Same Life--New Location   Ramblings of a single Oregonian retired on Mexico's Pacific coast. His site is   He has been writing on it for several years. Lots of writing there and interesting photos but I have all the time in the world now that I am confined to my bed. Thank you for your concern for me. It is awfully depressing to be stuck in bed. My friends come by and talk about simple things they are going to do together, like go out to dinner, etc. I feel like I have already died because I am no longer a part of life. It just flows on around me while I sit here in pain with my leg propped up on pillows. Sorry for the self pity. Maybe I will feel more positive after I see the doctor this evening.


  1. Patricia, you have such an optimistic personality, I hate to hear that you are down right now. It must be very frustrating to be confined. But as you well know the mind is a powerful tool and you must use it now to overcome the depression and facilitate healing.
    The cast should help you get around better, even if it is a hobble, it'll be an improvement. Rest, BE PATIENT, get well.

  2. Everyone heals differently. When I was on my crutches, I was tired all of the time. And I was not certain when I would be able to walk again. But one day at physical therapy, I walked with one crutch and then got rid of the other. I limped for a while. But that improved, as well. Here I am, seven months after the accident, walking to and from work, spending days ambling about Disneyland, and strolling Oregon's beaches. When I return home to Mexico in three weeks, I will be ready to walk off these pounds I gathered while recovering. Is my ankle perfect? Nope. But it is improving. There is always hope.

  3. Thank you. The doctor said I was a strong woman. I hope so and I hope I can be back on my feet before too long. He said I could either buy crutches for 700 pesos or rent them for six weeks for 350 pesos and he said he thought I wouldn't need them any longer than six weeks. I made the cheaper decision. I am hoping that will encourage me to heal faster, a set time limit. Who wants to have crutches around all the time in a little casita? Thanks again. Patricia