Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In Bed for a Long Time Now

The days come and go and the world spins around, all kinds of activity out there. I can hear it. But I am still here in bed. I finally got the swelling in my foot under control. I had to stop doing any housework and just stay in bed on my back with my foot elevated. Hopefully, tomorrow the doctor can put on the cast. For now, I just have a half cast on and don't feel safe enough to go outside with it. I don't want to risk another accident.  I have nothing interesting to report. My friends come and help me by visiting and shopping and taking me to the doctor. What would I do without friends? Probably die.  Thank you, my friends...........


  1. Fortunately, I was never bed-bound. If I had been, life in that little apartment would have been interesting.

  2. Hi Steve, Thanks for commenting. Yes, life here is very interesting. Just me and my computer and Chico, the landlord's little dog. Patricia