Friday, October 22, 2010

A Great Deal on a Rental Near The Lake Chapala Society

I am sorry I don't have photos of this place. But as you know, I am flat on my back in my bed with my left foot up in the air. So, no photos. I house sat in this place once before the woman moved out. The best part of this little apartment is the price, 350 dollars a month. It has a huge yard which you share with one other house. The couple living in it have two boxers. They didn't live there when I house sat so I know nothing about them.

There is a small back yard which you could fence in for yourself and a drive way. You can pull your car in and lock it behind a huge fence. It is very safe. I would consider it myself if it weren't an impossible time for me. It is just half a block from the Lake Chapala Society.  I love to go there in the mornings. It is half a block from the lake and close to downtown Ajijic.

It gets a lot of light, which makes a big difference in the winter time. But is is only large enough for one person. The kitchen is nice. There is a small living room and a bedroom and bathroom in the back part of the place. Also a washer and dryer.

I was happy when I was there. Places like this are impossible to find in that area. It won't last long. I think he wants a long term renter. If you contact him please tell him that Patricia told you about it. He will be more generous with you then.  His name is Mohammed and his phone numbers are: Cell 331 279 7996. Home: 387 761 0145. His e mail address is: At least take a look at it. I think you will be happy to see it and he furnished it for the new tenants. He speaks English and is a very nice man. Wish I could take advantage of this great offer. Please let me know if you decide to rent it so I can let people on the blog know not to waste their time.


  1. Patricia don't pass this up if you are really interested. I can help you move as others I am sure will assist. If you really want this rental go for it. You won't be disabled for long but the rental won't last long either. If you are interested in help let me know and I will contact you as I also live in La Floresta.

  2. Hi Jeanne, You are so thoughtful. But how could I leave my landlord's dog? Chico and I spend all our time together. I miss him terribly when he isn't with me. Besides, the landlord called me today. It has been rented. Thanks again. Patricia