Saturday, October 2, 2010

982 Posts and Counting

I am almost at 1,000 posts on my blog. I am going to do something special for myself when I hit the 1,000 mark. It will just be a few days from now. I haven't decided what that special thing will be but I am thinking about it. Maybe if it is a beautiful day I will go out to the Spa in San Juan Cosala. Or I might take a bus trip to another town. There are so many things to do here. I have lots of choices.

The weather has been beautiful lately. No rain. No humidity. Not hot. Not cold. Perfect weather. These  days make me understand why some people say this is the second most beautiful weather in the world. The first is somewhere in Africa. I have heard of several different cities there. I don't know which one but I do know that I am not going to go live in Africa for slightly better weather than here. Although I have been reading books and watching movies about Africa lately.

My favorite writer, Alexander McCall Smith, wrote a series of books about a small town in the southern area of Africa, Botswana. (I wonder if that town is in the most beautiful weather in the world area.) His most famous book is titled The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. It was made into a series on television. My son downloaded it for me on my computer and I have been enjoying watching it in the evenings. It is well done. I love the spirit of his writing. He is a philosopher and he has faith in people. There is an innocence in everything he writes that makes me feel good inside. Yet, he writes about moral issues that trouble all of us. This is what I do at night, unless I am going out to dinner with friends. I read and I watch videos or television downloads on my computer. I have a simple life here. Chico likes to sit on my lap. He gives me lots of comfort. I thank my readers for keeping me at this blog. If not for your comments, I would have quit many months ago.  (I just took that photo of Chico. Sometimes I think I can read his mind. I am guessing he is thinking; When are you going to get off that strange thing that is always in my way and take me for my morning walk? )


  1. Hi Pat. Congratulations on being close to your 1000 post. Please don't stop. I go to your website every day to see the beautiful pictures and hear how you are and how things are at lake side. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures with us.


  2. Hi Anita, Thank you so much for writing. Comments like yours keep me doing this blog. Patricia

  3. I too enjoy your blog almost daily, and the wonderful pictures.

    I haven't been to Ajijic for 2 years now but hope to return soon, perhaps when I retire.

    Hope you are feeling better.

    Jack from Oregon

  4. HI Jack, Thank you for reading my blog and writing. Get in touch with me when you come down again. Patricia