Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thank You All for Your Concern

I am back home now. I received so many e mails and comments on my blog that it is impossible for me to answer each one. I am not in good enough shape physically or emotionally to do that right now. It has been an extremely difficult few days for me. But some good things have come out of it.  First thing is the care and concern that people have expressed for me.  I hate to depend on anyone for anything. But I had no other choice.

From the time that I slipped in the lake and crawled up to the road, to finally coming home this afternoon, people have been helping me. The most important lesson for me is that there is a caring community both here in the physical world and out there in cyberspace. I am not alone. That is a huge lesson for me because I have been living alone for a long time. I had no idea of all the helpful, loving people around me.

When my mother passed away I thought that no one else would ever love me as much as she did. I felt untethered in the world. Of course my son and daughter-in-law have always been there but they have their own very busy and stressful lives. Come to think of it, we all have busy lives. Even in Mexico people have things to do. And help came to me from all directions. People put aside their daily plans and came to my rescue.

I will not go into my experience with IMSS right now. I had my camera with me when I was at the hospital but it just didn't feel right to photograph people when they were suffering. Also, I too was in extreme pain. I wrote a notebook about my experience and when I feel better I am going to figure out where to put it online. It is too long for this blog. And too depressing. I will just say this one thing. I could have had the operation done for free in the IMSS hospital in Guadalajara and I was prepared to wait. And if you know anything about me, you know that I am extremely careful with my money. I thought I could put up with anything for a day or so in order to save the two thousand dollars the operation would have cost me in a private hospital. But after sitting in a chair in the hallway with my bags piled on my lap and my foot on the floor (for five hours) and being ignored, I had to get out. The operation wasn't going to be for at least three days, possibly more....That is all I will write for now. The details will come at another time.......  When I have more space to write it all out. It isn't a pretty picture. And thank all of you again for your love and concern. I had the operation yesterday in a private hospital and I will get a cast in nine days. So I am in my casita with my leg up and Chico at my side. And again, thank you all for your concern......


  1. Patricia, I am really glad you are back home; I have been so worried about you & what you would experience in the hospital. I'm glad you have friends to help you in Ajijic. Please don't feel like you need to reply; I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you & wish you well.
    Take care,
    Jennifer in ATL

  2. Thank you so much Jennifer. I woke up feeling depressed this morning. Your message helped. Your friend, P

  3. Dear Patricia,
    Glad,you are home now...
    You have many friends,who care about your well being and happiness,I am, one of your many!
    My thought are with you.

  4. Thank you Min.....I really appreciate your support. I have been awfully depressed. Patricia

  5. Hi Patricia,
    I hope you are feeling better now...this must be so hard for you. Please take care. I'm sure Chico is happy to keep you company!

    Karen in VA

  6. Hi Karen, Thank you for your good wishes. Yes, Chico is sticking right by me. I am lucky to have his love and the love and support of so many readers. Thank you, Patricia

  7. Too bad you did not give IMSS a chance..........they are wonderful.......oh well, if you have the money, of course the private guys do it faster............but better????

    Hope you heal well,

  8. I did give IMSS a chance. But after sitting in the hallway with my broken ankle dangling on the floor for five hours and being ignored, I couldn't take it any longer. Also, they said I might not get the surgery for up to a week later. During that time I would be heavily drugged and catherized. I am glad to hear they were good to you. I think that in an extreme emergency they might be okay but I was number four on their list of five....Next to last...Which meant I would always be pushed aside for other surgeries....I was going to write out all the details on my blog but it was just too long and depressing. Best to let it go. I will still keep my IMSS but only for extreme emergencies. Thank you for writing. P

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  10. Hi Hentai, Thank you. I appreciate your comment. Patricia

  11. Hang in there and good luck.

  12. Thank you so much. Today is a bad day. I am usually a very active person. This staying in be is driving me crazy. Patricia