Friday, October 15, 2010

Bed Time

This is the photo I took of the lake just before I fell into it and broke my ankle.
My friends were here today to help me. Emily took this photo.
I am stuck in bed. For me, that is the most difficult part of this journey through pain and healing.  I have my door open so Chico can come in and out. He doesn't like to stay indoors anymore than I do. He just came in to see me after chasing off a stray cat. He is in charge of the yard and he does a good job of it. My landlord said he found a dead opossum and dead rat near the hole in the fence. Must have been Chico's doing.  The other part of Chico's job is to keep me from getting too depressed. He sits close to me whenever he is in the house. At night he sleeps beside me. He seems to know to stay away from my sore foot. He is a smart dog. But don't we all think that of our dogs?

I can't get a cast on my leg for another eight days. Maybe I will be able to get around more with a cast. Right now I am afraid to do too much. I am taking a lot of drugs to keep from getting my ankle infected and to hold down the pain. I am a little spacey.   That is good because it makes the time go by faster.

 My friends have all offered to help with bringing in food. Dale will be here in a few minutes with a meal from the Boston Deli. Gigi knows how I like my steak. Right now the main problem is that no one can get in the main gate without my landlord being here to open it. Maybe I can get a friend to make up some extra keys. There is no way I can get out this door and to the gate.  And I can't expect my landlord to hang out here just to let my friends in.

So many people have been writing to me by way of the blog and e mails and that means a lot to me. I was going to write a long post on my IMSS experience but quit half way through it. I got too depressed. But if this is something anyone out there really wants to know I will be glad to share my experience. Just e mail me your phone number. I have skype and I will give you a call.......  Otherwise, I think it is best to just let it all slide into the past. I need to concentrate on the future now and on healing. Walking is my life and if I couldn't do that again I would be extremely unhappy. I am trying to keep positive thoughts and take care of myself so I will be on my feet ASAP. Thank you all for writing and sharing your concerns for me. I really appreciate that.


  1. Hi Patricia,

    Just a note to let you know I'm thinking of you. Hope you're doing better!

    Karen in VA

  2. Hi Karen, I really appreciate your emotional support. This is extremely tiring and boring and difficult. But I can get through it. Thanks again. Patricia

  3. Hello Patricia,

    Greetings from eastern Oregon, and best wishes for a fast, less painful recovery. I hope each day gets better than the last. One question: why is there such a wait for the cast--are they waiting for swelling to subside? Do you have someone to help you change, wash, get to the bathroom?


  4. Hi Lynn, Thank you for your concern. I get the cast on Weds. night. I think they were waiting for the swelling to go down. No one is helping me with that stuff. I am getting around with my rolling office chair. It is difficult but I have managed. I will be much more secure once that cast is on and then I may be able to even go out into the garden. That will help with my depression. Thanks, Patricia

  5. Hang in there!!!
    Thinking of you....

  6. Thank you Min, I have been extremely depressed today. Patricia