Monday, April 26, 2010

My Friend Dale Arrives

Dale arrived in Ajijic yesterday afternoon after a two day bus trip from the border. He recently retired and has made the decision to live in Ajijic. He took me out to dinner at the local Italian restaurant. He had been on the road for two weeks from Indiana so he looked pretty tired in this photo. The Mexican bus lost one of his suitcases. His mission for the next few days is to try to trace it.


  1. Dale looks like a feisty soul who can figure out how to get in a few catnaps while he tracks his suitcase. Maybe on a chaise lounge in the sunshine? Welcome back to Ajijic, Dale. Take care of our Patricia for us all, please? Feed her well until the others of us can get there! (And enjoy the sunshine for us!) Bienvenidos...

  2. Hi Gayle, Looks like you read Dale pretty accurately. He is very feisty. Unfortunately, I think his suitcase is long gone......Patricia