Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Ajijic Beach

People were setting up temporary housing along the water. Maybe they are intending to stay a few days. I sure wish I had the courage to swim out there but the water is cold and you can't see the bottom. I know it is shallow. It just isn't clean enough to see the bottom. I didn't see any other expats. Everyone was friendly to me. They made me feel at home.


  1. how cold is that water? is camping 'legal' along the lake, or do many set up tents? this is the first time I've seen tents posted in your photos; let us know if they're still there over the Easter weekend! jet skis..! (how awfully noisy!) are they frequent on the lake? Yes, Please! take that boat ride & take lots of shots from the boat of the shoreline for us! Gayle

  2. Hi Gayle, Thanks for writing. I am on my way down to the water. I will stick my toes in and check out the temperature. I don't know if camping is legal or not but no one seems to mind. I have seen tents there before but not as many as are there now. There aren't very many jet skis on the water. I rarely see them. I may take that boat ride this evening at sunset.....Patricia