Tuesday, April 13, 2010

La Floresta in the Morning

This huge sculpture is on the main road going into La Floresta. This is a bus stop.

Above is one of the roads that goes into Lower La Floresta. It is my neighborhood and I think this is the prettiest time of the year here.

Loretta took a horseback ride today. The horses start out in La Floresta and go to the water and back. It costs a hundred pesos for an hour ride. That is about eight dollars. As you can see, the streets are blue from the Jacaranda flowers that are falling off the trees. The colt was there with his mother. He came over to sniff me. I felt honored that he trusted me enough to do that. The cat where I am now house sitting still doesn't trust me. I can't get within ten feet of him. Maybe horses are more trusting than cats?


  1. Lovely pictures. The Jacaranda's are beautiful. The sign into La Floresta looks different from when we were there last year, did they freshen up the paint?

  2. Hi Brenda, Thank you for writing again. I don't know about the paint job. It does look better. It is beautiful here right now. Patricia