Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kittens in the Lake Chapala Society

Check out the sleeping kittens on the left of the above photo. These kittens are in the garden at the Lake Chapala Society. They are wild. You can't get near them. I have my camera magnified 12 times for these photos. You can have them if you can catch them.


  1. I was very pleased that the street animals in Ajijic looked well fed. I didn't see very many cats but did see quite a few dogs. These kittens are adorable.

  2. Hi Leslie, Thank you for writing. Yes, the street animals seem to do okay here. The local butcher even feeds them in the mornings. Yesterday my friend Suzanne brought in food for the mother cat. In Chapala the street dogs follow the street cleaner around and he brings them bones. Patricia