Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lunch at Los Telares Restaurant in Ajijic

I was feeling well enough to go out to lunch with Loretta. It was lovely afternoon. The food was delicious and the people at the next table were being serenaded by Carlos and his son, Carlitos. We enjoyed their music too. I love the photo of the beautiful little girl with her father. She looked ecstatic. All during the lunch I felt just like her because I was well and in such a perfect spot. The stuff of dreams.........


  1. An *excellent* dining experience and they always make my wife and I feel important.
    Ed & Karen Cage
    El Dorado Community | Ajijic

  2. Thank you Ed and Karen for your comment. Yes, I love that restaurant. Every meal I have had there is great and the waiters are kind and gracious. Patricia