Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Garden Restaurant in AJijic

I met Patricia through John. They met in Ecuador. We had a long talk about the pros and cons of living in Mexico and Ecuador.

Dale still looks tired in the above photo. That long bus trip took a lot out of him.

My friend John. He leaves on Saturday and Dale takes over the lease on the apartment.

We were the only customers in this beautiful restaurant.

I loved watching the male peacock trying to get the attention of the female. She just ignored him. The Garden Restaurant is on Colon towards the lake. I had never eaten there and I was surprised to walk into such a huge garden in the midst of town. It was a lovely afternoon and we stayed a couple of hours. The food was reasonably priced and good. After listening to John and Patricia talk about Ecuador, I decided I like Mexico better.


  1. Hi Pat,

    The roosters at the Garden are beautiful. The pea hen still isn't interested in the peacock!! Lunch was disappointing, but the Tiramisu was absolutely delicious!!! Would go again for dessert only!!

  2. Hi Donna, I agree with you. Also, don't go there to eat if you are in a hurry.... Thanks for writing. p