Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday Evening by the Lake

Above is Rubin and his dog. Sorry, I forgot the dog's name. But it was the dog's very first visit to the lake. What an excited dog! Chico didn't much like the invasion on his turf.

It is very hard to get a bird in flight. The one above would have been a great photo except the wings are cut off. I keep on trying to get the perfect bird in flight photo.

The ending of another beautiful day. It was windy and very cool in the morning but by three in the afternoon it was hot.


  1. Hi Patricia, We loved the picture of the bird in flight, good job. It is cold here, we are having one cold winter.

  2. Hi Cheryl, Thank you. I bet you will be happy to get down here in the nice weather. Let me know when you have posted more on your blog. Patricia

  3. I am sorry, I don't understand this language. Patricia