Thursday, February 18, 2010

Art Show in Ajijic

The two photos above are of a woman making a work of art out of a watermelon. I was impressed. It was beautiful. It was possibly one of my favorite pieces in the show. Unfortunately, it isn't something that will last.

There was a Cuban band and lots of dancing.

The two photos above are of Patrick Dumouchel and his watercolors. I remember him from the singing contest at La Bodega a couple of months ago. He is a good singer and he won the contest. He makes beautiful watercolors and if you are interested in his singing or his art work, you can contact him at 376 766 5661 or or

I didn't get any of the other artist's names. I wasn't there very long. It was held in the new shopping center across the street from Wal Mart. It hasn't even opened yet. It was interesting. The show ran last Saturday and Sunday.

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