Friday, February 26, 2010

Sunset on the Malecon in Ajijic

I took a walk with my friend Stacey along the malecon in Ajijic at sunset. It was fun to take photos of another part of the lake for a change. It was perfect weather. Maybe the cold evenings are over for now. This beautiful weather makes me so happy that sometimes I feel like I can fly over the lake like the birds I have been photographing.


  1. Your pictures are sooo beautiful and expresive, I just wanted to thank you for the images. You do have a real talent. Please keep us NOB wantabe's, dreaming of being there to enjoy what you have. Thanks.

  2. Thank you Mike. This is my reward. The positive comments. I deeply appreciate them. A friend once told me that a work of art isn't completed until it is sent out into the world and appreciated by others. That is how I feel about the photos. They are finished when they are enjoyed. Patricia