Friday, February 12, 2010

I Have My FM3 Trip to Guadalajara

Above is my friend John. This is in front of the Federal Building. He is waiting for me to take one more photo. He is very patient.

John took a photo of me at the park by the federal building. I am showing off my FM3. I am proud that I finally have it.

Above is a photo of my friend John and the man who took us to Guadalajara. He works for the attorney. I am sorry I don't remember his name. He was very quiet. He doesn't speak much English but he was extremely competent. He goes to the federal building five days a week. They are standing in front of it in the photo.

Views of the federal building. Once we got inside, we stood in line less than an hour. I gave them my thumb prints and they gave me the FM3. John wanted to take my photo as I was getting the FM3 but they said no. They don't allow any photos inside the building.

It was an easy trip in and out of Guadalajara, except for the heavy traffic. It takes a long time to get through the main part of town. But it was a sunny day and I was excited about finally getting my FM3. I took most of these photos from the car while we were sitting at stop lights.


  1. Dear Patricia,
    I enjoy reading your blog every morning. Thanks so much for sharing! You mentioned a hotel you and your family stayed in when you were in Guad in December. How far it is from the airport and do they have a swimming pool? Thanks.........Jan White

  2. Hi Jan, Thank you for writing and for reading my blog. The hotel has a pool. It isn't heated and I don't know how deep it is because it was too cold at the time to use it. There is a swim up bar in it too. It isn't far from the airport and they take you there. They would probably even pick you up if you arranged it in advance. It is a beautiful hotel and very reasonably priced. They also will take you into Tonala or other areas of Guadalajara for sight seeing. Patricia

  3. Patricia,
    Our Guadalajara driver's name is Sayul, kind of a difficult name to remember because it doesn't really sound Spanish!
    We should rename him "Pronto", since he is a good driver at 120 Kilometers per hour, and he sure knew how to navigate the Guad traffic in a hurry!
    A fun day for sure! Thanks for allowing me to tag along.

  4. Thank you John, It was a hard name for me to remember. I don't think I have heard it before. Patricia