Friday, February 26, 2010

The IMSS Process and Another Sunset

Above is the outside of the office where you have to go to get the IMSS papers in Guadalajara. I didn't take any photos inside but it was just as crowded there as in the continuing outside line. If you decide to do this process be sure to put aside an entire day and make sure ALL your paperwork is in order. I waited for hours and when I got to the front of the line the attorney had neglected to include the translation of my birth certificate. Now I have to go through all this again..... It isn't a fun day.
Above is my neighbor's rooster. He was standing protectively by. I am guessing this is a fighting cock. He showed too much concern for it not to be very special to him. I would have taken his photo too but he was kind of scary to me. He was a young, macho kind of guy. So I just walked on after photographing his rooster. He didn't mind that. He was very proud of the rooster. I sometimes see young men or boys carrying their roosters around and treating them like babies, petting them and shielding them from any hard. They take their fighting cocks very seriously here. I have never seen a cock fight and I never want to see one.

I find waiting in line for hours to be extremely stressful. Especially when I get to the window and nothing is accomplished. So the sunset was very special to me in the evening. I really needed it.


  1. We have been doing our own IMSS for over 7 years, it has never taken more than an hour.....leave here at 8 to IMSS.......always there by 9 am, done by 10 and home by 11 am. No problemas

  2. Thank you for writing. Next time I will do it by myself. I knew they left here too late. By the time we got to the office there was a huge crowd. I can't change anything at this stage of the game but next year I will follow your advice...Thank you, Patricia