Saturday, February 27, 2010

La Bella Vida ---You Deserve a Good Life

The woman wearing the pink shirt is Brenda Carol, owner of La Bella Vida.
She has created a wonderful place. She has painting classes and she does massage and there is a gift shop. She has a beautiful garden behind the shop. She always has paintings for sale.

There was an art opening in the afternoon a few days ago. The man in the above photo sang with the background music. He has a great singing voice. They had food and drinks for everyone. The artists were there with their paintings. It was a lot of fun. I usually don't go to things like this. I don't like to be in crowds but it was a small gathering and I met some interesting people.

The above paintings were done by the man standing beside them. His name is Antonio Cardenas. He has a varied style. Interesting work. Antonio can be reached at 766 1478.

Above is Juan Vavarro Navarro. He did the paintings above. I enjoyed meeting both artists. They were open and very friendly. Two very creative men. Juan can be reached at 331 060 9410.

The man in the above photo is Hal. He works at La Bella Vida. He was friendly too. The woman next to him is my friend Stacey. She recently moved down here. She is having the time of her life. The woman in the background was helping out with the festivities and unfortunately I never got her name. It was a fun afternoon. La Bella Vida is at 16 of September #4b. Phone number is: 376 766 5131.

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