Friday, February 5, 2010

An Afternoon in Chapala with Clare and the Dogs

The two above photos are of an apartment for rent in a house across the street from the lake in Chapala. Beautiful house.

It was almost hot today in the sun but I bet that water wasn't warm.

I was experimenting with different editing methods on my Mac computer.

Pelicans on the move.

Chico had a lot of fun off the leash.

Clare and her two dogs and Chico.

I just liked the above house and the lights on their outside walls. I took a photo of one of them, dragon lights.

Above are just photos of two entrances of different houses in Chapala. There are many beautiful homes in Chapala.
The above home is beautiful and I know it was recently remodeled. They must have made it into several apartments.

The house in the above photo has two apartments on the second floor. Both are pretty. One is a little less than five hundred dollars a month and the other is three fifty a month.

Clare is writing down phone numbers. Her dogs are patiently waiting.

I took the above photo just because I think this is a beautiful building.

Two photos above are of an apartment for rent in Chapala. There are many places for sale and for rent within the few blocks around the American Legion where Clare and I walked today. I didn't check them out any closer than to take the photos.

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