Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunset in Ajijic and a Full Moon

It was a beautiful evening. A full moon. It was warm and no wind. I met several people who were walking their dogs. Chico has decided that the beach where we sit belongs to him and no one else. I have to constantly remind him that he is just a little dog and the beach belongs to everyone. I can't get too angry at him because he loves being there. He will sit on my lap for an hour and watch the sunset.


  1. Hello...
    Great photos, especially the ones of the people fishing. Do you know what type of fish they catch? I assume they're edible. I met people in Mazatlan who fish as a passion (for bass), but they said Lake Chapala was not a fishing haven by any means, at least for them. By the way, GREAT PHOTO of you! How old are you???? You may SAY you're over 50 but...come on! Maybe 35 at the outset? Tan, blonde, lithe ... you must have to keep the men back with that little feisty Chico, no?

  2. I am guessing this is from Gayle. Thank you for the compliments.... I needed them this morning, worrying about financial problems. I saw one fish come up in the hooks of the net. I don't know what kind it was but it was very small and flat. Maybe some kind of bass. The foreigners don't like to eat the fish from the lake but the Mexicans eat them. Patricia