Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Los Telares Restaurant

My friend Don took me out to lunch at Los Tolares Restaurant in Ajijic. Mondays, they have a special fish menu. It was really good. I had fish and chips, one of my favorite meals. Don is going back to the States soon and he says he may not return again. He has been coming here for over thirty years. I have known him from the first time I was here, over two years ago. We have shared many meals together. I am going to miss our friendship. He is a very interesting man. He has traveled all over the world. He knows several languages and he is intelligent, generous and kind. It is going to be a loss in my life if I don't ever see him again.

That is one thing about living here. People are always coming and going. You make a good friend and the next thing you know, that friend is back in the States or Canada. The population is always changing. Then one day you run into your friend again on the street. It is good to be open minded and flexible if you live here.


  1. Why doesn't Don think that he will be returning? If he's been coming for thirty years I suppose so much has changed and probably not all good.


  2. Hi Kim, Don is getting older. He owns two homes in the States and he feels it is time for him to stay home. Thank you for asking. Patricia