Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Last Party with My Family in Portland Before Returning to Mexico

My son and daughter-in-law-had a blow out party over the week end. It was great. They set up musical instruments in the living room and jammed until midnight. I left early with my friend Marie. We were tired from all our yard sales. The house was filled with laughter, music, babies, children, animals, good food and lots of love. What a wonderful send off for me. I loved leaving the house while my son was playing his sax in his living room with his friends. It makes me feel good to know that he is happy. It gave me the courage to return to my own life again. As I have said before, the best thing you can do for the ones you love is to have a happy, fulfilling life. It is a gift to everyone you meet if you are fulfilling your own potential. At least, that is my theory. I have a real longing to get back to my own path again. I know I will miss everyone but I have many wonderful memories of the trip. Okay, some times of depression too. But life can't always be a party.
wonderful memori

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