Monday, September 13, 2010

The Robozo (Shawl) Parade in the Ajijic Plaza


  1. Patricia what great photos. It is easy to see that you love where you are. And you could not have said it better about the little girl. Those pictures are worth their weight. My husband and I are planning a move after the first of the year. Can't wait. We met your friend Cheryl and Bill Pearson when we were there in May this year. I am enjoying the blogs. Keep up the good work. As I told Cheryl it is what keeps me going. Bill and Jo Ann in DeBary, Florida.

  2. Hi Bill and Jo Ann, Thank you for writing. I really appreciate that. Let me know when you guys get into town. We can all get together. I took a photo of Cheryl and Billy today and Will put it on the blog. Patricia