Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Ajijic Plaza Sept. 15th

This poor pig was going to be used in a greased pig chase later on in the evening. It was already scared. I am glad I didn't see the chase.
They are putting up the poll. Then they greased it and put prizes at the top for people to climb up to grab. Very exciting. I am glad no one fell off it.
Looks like the pig has a friend.
The winner of the foot race.
I left the plaza early in the evening. It was just getting started but I had Chico with me. It was too much excitement for him. I heard music coming from the plaza the rest of the evening and fireworks went off in the night. I missed most of the celebration. But I can't do everything. I try.....


  1. Thanks for the photos, Patricia--
    Fred in San Juan Cosala

  2. Hi Fred, Thank you for writing to me and for looking at my photos. You are up late..... The celebration is still going strong at the plaza. I can hear it from my casita in Lower La Floresta. Patricia