Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Rodeo Two Blocks from My Casita

I have seen this Cowboy many times with his dancing horse. Beautiful horse. The Cowboy may be a little drunk.
Many times I have heard the band playing at these shows but I never investigated. Today I paid my five dollar fee and went into the arena. (I am trying to become more adventurous.) I was the only North American in the entire place but it was a lot of fun for me to finally know what all that noise was about. I felt sorry for the poor bulls but at least they weren't killed, just harassed.   I loved the dancing horses and I had watched many of these same horses and riders practicing on the beach. I have their photos all over my blog. It felt like I was seeing old friends again although I am sure they don't remember me. I mean the cowboys. Maybe the horses would remember me.  I was once admiring some beautiful dancing horses with a woman friend. She said, You know you are getting old when you admire the horses instead of the cowboys.


  1. Hi Patricia, I'm so glad you're back home & happy again! The new photos have been great. I feel like I returned to Mexico along with you; it's so nice to see it again. I love that you went to the rodeo & tried something new. Thanks again for sharing all of these experiences with us.
    Jennifer in Atlanta

  2. Hi Jennifer, Thank you for writing. Next time I hesitate trying something new I will think of you and I will be brave and do it......Patricia