Monday, September 27, 2010

La Terraza di Giovanni a New Italian Restaurant in Ajijic

My friend Pat arrived from San Blas yesterday evening. We tried out the new Italian restaurant that recently opened near the movie theater. My friend Lamar joined us and it was a delicious meal. They are open Mondays through Sundays from noon to ten in the evening. And they deliver.  Their cell number is:331 303 9814. They are also very friendly as you can see from the photos. The meals are inexpensive, ranging from forty pesos to seventy pesos. They have no minimum on their deliveries.


  1. Hi Patricia,
    Did this new restaurant go into the area where the bakery used to be? It has to be very close to Gigi's, right?
    With so few exceptions, all is missed and yearned for day after day, after some progress is reached on this end hopefully I will be there!
    Your photos are better than ever!

  2. Hi John, It is on the right side of the Boston Deli. There is another Mexican restaurant on that other side. And something else is where the bakery used to be. I think it is a repair shop.... Good to hear from you. I am glad you are still reading my blog. I sure miss you. Your friend, Patricia

  3. Hi Patricia,
    Have been thoroughly enjoying your collaborations with your Son David. Such lovely photos and exquisite/inspired music ! Many thanks.


  4. Hi Nicole, Thank you! I will pass this compliment along to my son. He has a blog if you are interested in Jazz. It is Casa Valdez Studios. Thank you again, Patricia