Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Mexican Revolution Holidays

This weekend marks the beginning of the Mexican Revolution holidays.  Today there will be the blessing of the horses at the main church and a parade to the fairgrounds. It is called Dia del Charro.  In the evening there will be a parade in the plaza of women wearing their beautiful shawls (rebozos), live music and dancing. I can't keep up with all the activities. It is a lot of fun. People are out and about. There is a party feeling in the streets. I am happy to be back home. Still getting readjusted. I am not a very good traveler. My place is still a mess. From all the rain, my little casita is very damp. It has a moldy smell and of course the dog pee which was a gift from Chico. Since my house is just about a block from the lake and the lake is high, I think that adds to the musty smell. Last year I house sat in a beautiful home close to here and they had the same problem. Mold doesn't respect the wealthy either. The best thing I can do is stay out of the house as much as possible. The celebrations are a blessing to me. I have some interesting places to go in this coming week.

Sometimes I think I should move to a nicer place but since I am gone so much that doesn't seem practical. Rents are also high here for Mexico. I saw several places yesterday and the rents were at least six hundred dollars a month and the places were small. This is the beginning of the high season. Places will be harder to find and the prices will be high. The biggest reason I am not inclined to move is Chico. I am very attached to him.   I can't take my landlord's dog when I move from here. So I put up with no kitchen and a cold and musty smelling place. I even put up with Chico's pee anger. I hope he has calmed down enough now to stop doing that. It is going to be a lot of work for me to try to get my place in order for the winter.

I have a fireplace and I need wood. Wood is expensive here. I bought it by the wheelbarrow last year and I figured it was costing me about five dollars per fire. The wood wasn't cured and that meant it took forever to light and it didn't give off much heat. I doubt if I can find cured wood here. Just as they don't cure their steaks.... Resources are too much in demand for that. Waiting to get things out on the market is a luxury.

I still plan to join the spa for a couple of months. I will take photos out there. It is a great way to spend the mornings. I know next week it will be busy because of the holidays but if I get out early in the morning I may be able to swim. I will get to as many of the celebrations as I can and take photos.

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