Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Walk with My Friend Don. The Waiters at La Bodega

This is my friend Don Lockhart. He recently arrived from the beach town of San Blas. He is a massage therapist, a  meditator and a writer. If you would like a massage or just to contact him about meditation, here is his e mail address: Lockhartmethod@yahoo.com. It is nice to have another single man in town. They are kind of rare.
Don and I stopped by La Bodega and Caesar was singing. Mondays are Karaoke nights. Caesar sings beautiful Mexican love songs. He is also a waiter there. I always enjoy seeing him. Sometimes I go there just to see the waiters, Caesar and Jose. They like to address me as Mi Amor and give me huge hugs and kisses on my cheek.  Always a good lift for my spirit.
Above is Jose. You will meet him if you go to La Bodega. He has a beautiful smile.
It was just beginning to get dark by the time Don and I arrived at my casita. I hope he will meet me and some other single friends Friday night at La Bodega for dancing. If you are in town, please join us.......

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