Saturday, September 11, 2010

San Antonio

There are some gated communities in San Antonio. Above is a photo of one of them. I have a friend living in this one and she loves it.
Above is the entrance to the gated community where there is a place for rent.
This is the telephone number in case you are interested in this gated community.
Above is probably one of the busiest areas around. I was sitting there for half an hour and people were always driving in and out. A real estate agent once told me that many people choose a house just because it is close to Super Lake, which is a grocery store.
Now that my birthday blues have past, I am out and about again. I hate my birthdays. They make me think too much. And, for me, thinking is dangerous. It gets me into a lot of trouble.

I went to San Antonio this morning. Here are some photos of places for rent, etc.   The four photos directly above were taken in El Parque. It is a wonderful gated community in San Antonio. It has a salt water heated pool and lots of activities. I am going to be house sitting there in November. I took a photo of a place for rent in there.

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