Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Morning Open Circle at LCS

Above is Chad with his master, Max. They recently moved here from Guanajuato. Max said it is warmer in the winter here than in Guanajuato. He also said that real estate in the San Miguel De Allende area is sky high, even more expensive than it is here.  Maybe Max is another of those rare sightings, A SINGLE MAN. I didn't ask him this time.
Chico meets a new friend, Chad. Have you ever tried to take a photo of two dogs playing? Next to impossible. I took about ten photos of them and not one turned out well. Chico is sitting in my lap in this photo.


  1. What happens at the 'open circle'?

  2. Thank you for asking. It is a lecture. Various people give talks on things that are of interest. The one last Sunday was about health. A retired medical doctor was the speaker. There are ones on travel, spiritual matters, ecology. All kinds of things. It is usually very interesting and it is fun to connect with the expat community. Patrici