Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Movie Theater in Ajijic

This little girl was so intense on picking out a video that she ran a long way from her mother to the video area on her own. She is a shopper in the making.
There are two old movie projectors in the lobby at the movie theater.
First run movies come here and are shown in both English and Spanish. It only costs about two dollars and fifty cents to see them. The seats are good and the treats are cheap. It is fun to see movies here. They also have a video store which is in the photo above, where the little girl is picking out her favorite video.
I couldn't resist her face. She knew what she wanted; her pacifier and her video.
Above is the entrance to the theater


  1. This is so great!! My son and I went to see "Hitchcock" at the Regal Cinema MATINEE (mind you, matinee price) and it cost $9.50. Ugh! Can't wait to leave here!

    1. HI Lorrie, Thanks for commenting. When I was in the States I took my daughter-in-law to the show. I had a senior discount and she had a student discount and the tickets still cost 16.50 EACH..... I was shocked. I skipped the expensive popcorn and drinks. P