Sunday, September 5, 2010

Home Again, Ajijic

I took my computer cord to the local repair man. He fixed it for eight dollars.  So it has black electrical tape wrapped around it but it works. I love the way the Mexicans are willing to fix things. The cost is usually very low. The opposite economy from that in the States. If you bought a bike in the States it could cost as little as five dollars but then having it refurbished would be at least forty dollars. Here at a yard sale a bike would cost at least forty dollars but could be refurbished for much less, maybe even five dollars. Here are photos of my walking around Ajijic yesterday. I loved to see the dogs and cats so welcomed at the coffee shop in the Lake Chapala Society.


  1. I'm so glad it didn't take long to get your cord fixed. I have been living in Mexico vicariously through your blog and it seemed like an eternity you where away!

  2. Thank you for writing. I am sorry I don't do more interesting things since you are living vicariously through me. I hope to get out on some little trips soon. Come down and visit. Patricia