Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fly Away Home

Last night I saw a movie I had seen a few years ago. Fly Away Home. I enjoyed seeing it a second time. It is about Canadian Geese and a little girl. She and her family figure out a way to teach them how to fly to their winter nesting site.  I loved the shots of the geese flying over lakes and beautiful trees. I am so looking forward to flying home myself. Wish I could do it without the help of an airplane. Wouldn't that be fun?  Of course, then I would have to leave behind my three suitcases. Fifty pounds each. I am reminded of the 80 percent rule. Clutter's Last Stand. I don't remember the name of the author of that book but he says that 80 percent of what we own we don't use. The problem is knowing which 20 percent I would use.

I have been thinking about taking a trip to Guatemala. I will put it off for a few weeks. I want to be home for awhile. Today, a friend sent me a very interesting blog written by a man from Antigua. If you put in Phil's Travel Blog, you will find it. From what he says, I think Ajijic is a much easier place to live.  Maybe not as interesting but easier.


  1. Patricia, it is great news that you are finally going home to Mexico. Best wishes for a good trip & happy reunions with Chico & your friends. I am looking forward to your first blog from Mexico... be sure to let us know you made it there safely so we won't have to worry for days!
    Jennifer in Atlanta

  2. It is good to see you are back home. Take a couple of days to get your pulse back to normal

  3. Hi Jerry, Good to hear from you. I will be home on Wednesday morning. I will say hi to Dale for you. We are going to have breakfast together Wednesday. Come down and visit with us again. Your friend, Patricia

  4. Hi Jennifer, Thank you for writing again and for your good wishes. I will write as soon as I rest up. I will arrive there Wednesday morning. Hope you will come and visit again soon. Your Friend, Patricia