Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Taking Care of Business

I continue to have problems adjusting to the pace of life in the States. Maybe it is just because I am in a large city. But people are so busy here, always in a hurry. There is no time to just BE. It is all DOING. At least that is my impression.  Yesterday I was waiting in a grocery store for my friend to finish her shopping. I watched all the people rushing in and out of the store. That is a far cry from the Wednesday market in Ajijic where half the fun of shopping is running into friends and spending quality time with them. No hurry; no worry.

I think my blood pressure has gone up a few points. I feel it. I get stressed easily. I feel overwhelmed by life here. I have lived in the States all but the last two and a half years and I have already forgotten how to live here. Maybe I never fit in here. But I do feel at home in Mexico. Life is easier for me there. Much easier. I am considering going even further south, down to Guatemala. I will take that trip after I return to Mexico. A friend has been e mailing me about Lake Atitlan. He says it is more beautiful than Lake Chapala. He says the people are friendlier there and things are cheaper. I already feel like I have found my paradise in Ajijic. I am not expecting to move to Guatemala but a trip would be nice. New photos of a different lake.

As soon as I finish with my business here (taxes) I will be on the plane to Mexico. I will miss my family and friends here. A good thing about living close to Guadalajara is the airport. It is quick and easy to travel back and forth from there. For today, another trip to the Bins......


  1. Remember Ajijic is a small place with lots of retirees. The local people are simple and fairly poor. The weekend Guadalajara people with money come to relax.

    If you live in Mexico City or Guadalajara, it is the same bustle. It is only because Lakeside is a retirement haven amongost poor locals & vacationing Tapitos that you get this impression. Sure, the Latin way from France, Spain & Italy is to savor life & Mexicans share this Latin heritage. But I don't think Oregon is at all a rush rush place.

  2. Thank you for your comment. You are right of course. I just am not used to riding around in cars. I have become a very low key person. Patricia

  3. I hate cars myself & this can be a drawback to non city Stateside locations. I think if a person is retired (ideally) they should find a place to live where they can use public transport. Doesn't anyone care about global warming? If you don't truly need a car, let's care about the planet instead.

  4. I agree with you on that one, although my first thought is purely selfish. I hate cars. I hate driving them and I hate riding in them. But maybe that selfishness is a good thing. I am a part of this planet. What is good for me is also good for the planet. Thanks for writing. Patricia