Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Friend's Marie and Gayle

Marie and I met Gayle at a restaurant a few nights ago. Gayle has been writing to me on the blog for many months. It was great to finally meet her in person. Marie is on the left. Gayle is on the right. Two sweet women. I am lucky to have them as friends. Maybe, eventually, they will both be living in Ajijic. Maybe, eventually, I will be living in Ajijic again. It feels like I have been here for months instead of weeks. Time seems to have stopped. That feeling is just a symptom of my depression. I must remember, EVERYTHING CHANGES.  That can be a good thing or that can be bad but it is a certainty.


  1. Hi Patricia,
    Wouldn't it be great if there were a way to trade our personal troubles for someone else's troubles? Sort of a "troubles bartering system", his problems look like I could handle them better than I can handle mine, so let's just trade troubles! But, as you say, change will eventually take care of all our woes, one way or another. Before long you will be walking little Chico along the beach at Lago Chapala.
    O.K., I am curious as to what the two ladies are holding in the photo, it appears to be a paper animal?
    So glad to see that you have once again, done what you do best, which is make friends wherever you go!

  2. Hi John, Thank you for writing. I am awfully depressed and your cheery note has made me feel better. They are holding our leftovers from dinner, wrapped up in animal shaped foil. I like your idea of changing problems, maybe even for a day. A different point of view might make all the difference in the world. Patricia

  3. And GAYLE'S package is meant to make her look MUCH THINNER!! Personally, I don't think it worked so well...! Love, Gayle

  4. Hi Gayle, Thanks for writing. See you soon in Mexico. Your friend, P