Saturday, August 28, 2010

Count Down to Returning to Mexico

The Canadian Geese have flown away. I am flying away on Tuesday.  I wonder if I will see the same Geese down along the lake in Ajijic. They are going south for the winter. Smart Geese. I can feel the change in the air here. It is cooler in the mornings and evenings. The days are getting shorter. Fall is on it's way and then Winter. My friends in Ajijic are telling me that the rains have almost stopped now and it is eighty degrees there. I can hardly wait. I already have a breakfast scheduled with two friends on the morning of my arrival. And I am anxiously anticipating seeing Chico again. I have hardly seen him for six months. Think I will take him out to breakfast with me on Wednesday. I will be flying all night and I doubt if I will be able to sleep. I also know I will be too excited to be back home to sleep much Wednesday during the day.

I got a great one way ticket, just over two hundred dollars from Portland to Guadalajara on Alaska Airlines. Alaska also told me that they aren't charging for the first two suitcases to Guadalajara and the third one is only twenty dollars. I could even take a fourth one. That would be an extra fifty dollars but I am going to have a hard time with what I am taking, three large suitcases plus a carry on and my computer bag.

When I came up here I was so tired that I got off the plane and left my computer in a bag under the seat in front of me. I didn't notice until I was half way out of the terminal and I realized it wasn't on my shoulder. I ran back to the gate and they got it for me. Could have been a huge problem with the bomb scares these days. I guess I have already mentioned many times that I get spacey, especially when I am very tired.

Alaska has curbside check in of bags. That will make the trip down much easier and they check the bags in all the way to Guadalajara. There is a one hour lay over in L.A. I recommend Alaska Airlines. They are rarely late. Once they offered an upgrade to first class from L.A. to Guadalajara for just fifty dollars extra. I didn't take them up on it but I might this time if it is offered again.  Maybe I need to learn to splurge on myself sometimes.  I may not write on the blog again until after I get settled back in Ajijic.

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